efkelley (efkelley) wrote,

Back from the Vineyard

Well. I'm back.

Remember everything I said about not expecting epiphanies? It's absolutely true that I expected no epiphanies, yet gilded scrolls flew about the room to the triumphant refrains of an angelic chorus. Wisdom fell as mana, masters spoke, students were enlightened.

The workshop let me meet my own kind. I'm not alone in my insecurities, strengths, failings, or desires. Similarly, I am now no longer the best writer I know personally. There's something to be said for seeing the next rung on the ladder, and knowing that it's within arm's reach.

The workshop put into words many of the processes that I already knew intuitively, but did not know how to access. Now I know that if I'm stuck, my writing beast is simply stuck. No longer do I have to dwell for hours looking for the right movie scene to spur me to action, nor do I have to pour myself a double of whatever blindness-inducing concoction gifted me with my story idea in the first place. There are procedures to follow, checkboxes to mark, and programs to execute. If I still can't progress a story, then I'm legitimately stuck. And That's OK.

Leading me to the last item: It's Okay To Suck. Not everything you write will be good. Not everything you re-write will be good. And That's OK. That really takes the edge off. Worry about things you can control and work towards producing your best work. Everything else is dross and shale.

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