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Off to the Vineyard

To say that I'm excited about this defines 'Understatement'. I'm not expecting any epiphanies, but I'm sure I'll learn some valuable lessons and meet some interesting people. I've heard it said that workshops and conventions are like fresh water and fertilizer for writers. As this is my first professional outing, I hope to find out for myself.

In all truth, my writing has been experiencing a creeping paralysis over the last two weeks. As I say, I'm not expecting the heavens to open up and angels to deliver me gilded scrolls with all the Secrets of Writing, but I know that I'll learn some new techniques and improve on my abilities. To that end, it seems a waste of time to put anything down prior to the workshop. I know that's foolishness, but the muse hates re-writing things as much as I do.

Anyway, the next week should prove a very valuable experience. I'm privileged to be allowed to participate, and I plan to make the most of the time.


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