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Followed you here from AbsoluteWrite.


What a wonderfully crafted story! I think you did a fantastic job of weaving the recognizable aspects of Dalaran, with just a flavor of the lore to give it the right spice. Thresher's voice was a delightful read. I want to read more of him. You know...when you have time and all....

I could have kissed Inzi then, but the ghoul would have been an unwelcome third.

There were many screamingly hysterical lines but that one had me laughing out loud and startling my dog and making my SigO wonder what mischief I was up to.

This has been added to my bookmarks. Now to investigate more of your writing!

Thanks, Bearilou, I really appreciate the kind words.

I don't have much in the way of other writing available at the moment. Having just survived Viable Paradise XIII, I should have more to read 'soon'. If/When I get sales, you'll hear about them here and on Absolute Write's Bragatorium in the SFF sub-forum.

Thanks again for reading. :) Writing this was quite a hoot, if I say so myself.

An awesome read. That's quite a tale you've cooked up there. I love the mystery spin on it. It was a much needed refreshment from all other dragon slaying exploits.

Thanks, anonymous. I'm glad you liked it.

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