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Lots going on, yet not much to report
 It's the nature of writing for a living that you're working daily and working on multiple projects in a week, and yet there's almost nothing to actually report. Once a work is submitted you have to wait between two and six months to hear back.

So, what do I have happening now?

- Waiting to hear about I, Demon from the publisher. They've been at a trade show for the last week, so it'll be a bit longer before I have some word.

- Submitting The Hidden Directive, a 3000 word short where an Artificial Sentient tries desperately to force an evolution in an Aritifical Intelligence to save a colony.

- Finishing up Court-Martial of the War God. This one will top out around 7000 I believe. It's about an accidental first contact mission where a marine ends up killing close to thirty xenos in their first meeting. This one needs a little bit of a re-work, but should be ready for submission this week.

- Working on Murder on the Galactic Express (silly working title). Besides needing a much better title, this one is about a string of deadly 'accidents' amongst the command crew of a colony ship while the colonists remain in stasis.

- Submitted my entry for the Viable Paradise writing workshop. The instructors at this are swinging some pretty serious literary pipe. It costs a fair amount of cash, but I think that plus the submission/acceptance process insures that everyone you meet is really quite serious about this kind of career.

So, as you can see, lots going on, not a lot actually happening. Yet!


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